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How can I invest via Asian Securities Limited?

You can Contact us on 021-35872279 and our highly trained staff will guide you with the process.

What types of services does Asian Securities Limited provide?

We provide Stock Brokerage services only.

Why Asian Securities Limited?

Asian Securities Limited has been providing Brokerage Services for over 20 Years.

How can I trade securities on the Pakistan Stock Exchange?

Once you open an account you can place your orders over the phone to the assigned equity trader.

Do you have an online trading system?

We do not have an online trading system at the moment.

How and when do I make payments for my investments?

Your account should have sufficient balance before we can process your purchase order. You can make payments by cross cheque.

When and how can I collect the sales proceeds?

Typically transactions have a Trade +2 days settlement period. You can collect your sale proceeds after the settlement date. All payments will be made through crossed cheque only.